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Decorating Tips to Brighten up Your Home This Spring

Spring is here and the change in season is a great excuse for revamping your interior design. This means it’s time to put everything that reminds you of Winter away and break out all things Spring inspired.

Here a few decorating tips to help brighten up your interior and exterior décor this season.

1.Replace bulky window treatments with sheer ones

Usually in the winter, we block our windows with heavy and dark fabrics to keep out the cold air. Well it’s time to let that sunlight back in!
Thinner fabrics for your window treatments allow more natural light into your home, which helps brighten the space and gives you more opportunity to enjoy the Spring views.
Try adding Sheer Curtains or Solar Shades to your space to achieve this.

PHOTO CREDIT: (Left) Pinch Pleat Sheer Drapery Installed in New York City By New York Window Fashion. (Right) Motorized 5% Solar Shades installed in Brooklyn, NY by New York Window Fashion.

2 story Solar Shades
Pinch Pleat Sheers

2.Add brighter colored fabrics.

During this season, trees begin to regain their gorgeous green leaves, plants start to blossom, and everything seems to be much brighter.
Bring this brightness inside as well by adding vibrant or pastel colors to your home.

PHOTO CREDIT: Printed Roman Shades installed by New York Window Fashion
Printed Roman Shades NYC

3. Make your neutral’s pop by adding accent colors.

If you aren’t into bright colors and are more of a neutral person, adding simple accents can help. With this win-win situation, you can have a “splash” of color added to your interior decor without sacrificing your neutral preferences.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Newly Upholstered love seat with accent throw pillows. Project completed by New York Window Fashion

New York Uphostery Project

4. Install exterior drapery.

Since the weather will be heating up soon, you are going to want to spend more time outdoors. Why not spruce up your patio, lanai, or porch with outdoor curtains.
Outdoor curtains add a nice elegant touch to your exterior and gives you the ability to create a closed space when needed such as to block out insects, rain, and provide better shading.

PHOTO CREDIT: (Top) Ripple fold outdoor curtains on backyard patio installed  by New York Window Fashion (Bottom) Pinch Pleat outdoor curtains installed on front door seating area.

New York Outdoor Curtains 2
New York Outdoor Curtains

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