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IFTTT Services – A New Way to Automate your Motorized Window Treatments

Have you ever imagined a fully-automated “smart home,” such as where all of your devices can work in unison? The IFTTT platform has made this possible and affordable for virtually anyone to attain.
IFTTT, also known as If This, Then That, is a free platform that allows you to do more with your favorite apps and smart devices by letting them seamlessly synch with each other.
With IFTTT, when one action occurs with one device or app, another action is triggered on a separate app or device. For example, it can be set so that if you receive an email to your business Gmail account, then your home lights can flicker on and off to notify you.

IFTTT and Motorized Window Treatments

Just recently, IFTTT began to offer motorized window treatment services. As of now, Somfy myLink®, Hunter Douglas Powerview® and Lutron have services within this platform that you can utilize.
Due to this new integration, your motorized window treatments can now work in unison with devices and apps that normally would not be supported through their designated applications.
With IFTTT you can now sync your motorized window treatments with your calendars, thermostats, lights, weather apps, social networks, email accounts, and more.
Compatible IFTTT services found in the platform and can sync with your motorized window treatments include but are not limited to ¬– Phillips devices, Samsung SmartThings, Ring (doorbell surveillance camera), Honeywell, and Nest.

How IFTTT works

IFTTT services work via Applets, formerly known as recipes. Applets are scripts used to combine two or more services together.
IFTTT Terminology
When learning to navigate IFTTT and your motorized window treatment (or any device) you will need to recognize the following terms.
Services:(formerly known as channels) are the basic building blocks of IFTTT. They are a series of data from certain web services or devices, for example, Somfy, Lutron, Gmail, Social Media, Etc.

Triggers And Actions - Ifttt & Motorized Window Treatments:


Triggers are the “this” part of an applet. So, when this trigger happens, it creates the action in another device or app.


Actions are the “that” part of an applet. They are the output that results from the input of the trigger.


(Recipes) is what you get when you combine a trigger and action.
Example an applet can be “If my Nest thermostat reaches above 75 degrees, lower my solar shades to cool the home.”


The more detailed and intricate parts of a trigger. For example, if your trigger is, “When I set my alarm system to away, close my drapes.” The ingredients would be the details such as if you only want this to happen when you set your alarm to away on weekdays only.

Learn More How Untilize IFTTT With Your Custom Window Treatments:

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