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Motorized Window Treatments

When it comes to high-end, luxury home design features, motorized window treatments are the ultimate addition to any room. The one-touch convenience of motorized curtains, shades or blinds brings functionality, while these upgrades in home automation boost your home’s value. Motorized window treatments are perfect for hard to reach windows, add safety to your space by offering cordless operation, and give you ultimate hands-free control over high quality window coverings.
With the capability to be controlled via hand-held remote, wall switch, timers, smart phone, home automation systems and other third-party devices, motorized window treatments are the best way to go.
motorized window treatments are the ultimate addition to any room

Home Automation System

The trend of computerizing home operations has extended from thermostats and locks to your window treatment systems. A variety of home automation platforms exist, but their overall goal is to allow you to take control of many aspects of your home via computer, smartphone, or tablet. This allows you to have control while you are at home or away, and can also be used to help with energy efficiency and privacy control. Our team will help you learn about the variety of options on the market so that you can install the system that will work best for you.

Battery Powered Operated System

For a clean aesthetic style without the need for rewiring or construction, battery powered operated systems allow you the same benefits of motorized shades and blinds. They utilize easy-to-replace yet long-lasting batteries, and lend the same one-touch comfort and convenience as their wired counterparts. These systems are especially desirable for those who want to upgrade their window treatments but are not ready for the installation of wired systems.

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Remote Control Operated System

Remote control operated systems offer ultimate convenience and flexibility. Rather than a manual operation or wall switch, you can control your shades or blinds at the touch of a button from anywhere in the room. These systems have multiple residential and commercial applications, such as meeting rooms, skylights, or simply the luxury of letting the sunlight in before you get out of bed. We have a variety of customization options, and can help you partner a system with your other window treatment selections.

Integration With A/V System

Our window treatment solutions can be partnered with third party systems to control all of your automated shading options, as well as integrated lighting, audio, security and interior temperature controls. This allows you to control your shades or blinds from your computer, phone, or tablet, both in and away from your home. We stay on top of the latest developments in the industry, and can integrate your window treatments with most of the leading home automation systems.


With a variety of automated shading solutions, Lutron specializes in synthesizing technology and design aesthetic into the comfort and convenience of home automation. They offer a variety of shading solutions, and strive to put precise light control within your hands. Renowned for superior performance, Lutron systems allow you to think beyond simple form and make sure that functionality is just as impressive. Our team can show you how Lutron systems may be just what you need to elevate your design plans from acceptable to amazing.


Somfy is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized motors and control systems for interior shades and blinds for both residential and commercial use. Their patented Radio Technology Somfy platform is a cutting-edge leader in home automation, and includes mobile accessibility as a possible feature. Designed to make your home or commercial space work for you, these systems will elevate your window solutions from simply useful to ultimately functional.

Custom Window Treatments

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