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Woven (Bamboo) Shades

Woven bamboo shades are beautiful window treatment products to decorate your homes and are very ecological friendly. They are an instant way of bringing an organic, earthy feel to your room, no matter the type of design. Woven shades not only provide homeowners with light control and privacy, but also offer them a rich textural element that will help in the enhancement of their space. Bamboo is a completely natural product and comes from the most rapidly growing tree in the world. Genuine woven bamboo shades are produced from this tree and as a result adds natural beauty to homes. The fabric used in the production of the woven bamboo shades is a collection of colored bamboo reeds and tubes that are woven together into a unique shade. This makes for the different and unique look of every bamboo shade, which are always a beauty unto itself. Another thing that adds to the uniqueness of the bamboo shades is the particular staining technique used on them. This makes every stick of bamboo look different both in color and in other little details, thereby giving them their natural and unique look. If you’re looking for an earthen look, then the woven bamboo shades are a nice option.

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What our customers have to say:

Lisa Steiman@LisaSteiman
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Really love my new shades. Yaniv and Kimberly were great to work with. The installers were very friendly and efficient. Highly recommend!
Li-An Pan@Li-An Pan
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Great experience! I usually don't write reviews, but my experience working with New York Window Fashion was amazing. I really enjoyed working with Yaniv and his team from start to finish. The whole process was fast, simple and easy. Yaniv was very helpful specially when it came to picking materials and following up with the installation. I would definitely recommend them!
Brian Loxley@Brian Loxley
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We ordered Hunter-Douglas wood blinds for the window in our study. Jonathan was very friendly and helpful in choosing the right blinds for the window and matching the color to the wood window trim in our brownstone. The installers were also very professional and pleasant to work with.
Mackenzie Boos@Mackenzie Boos
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Got NY Window Fashion to install blinds at the company I work for & they did a fantastic job. The consultants are extremely knowledgable, making the process fast & making it easy to trust them. Very impressed, all in all!
Bob Lam@Bob Lam
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My wife found this company online. I have to say the quality is very good and the price is reasonable. Best of all, the customer service is amazing and I really appreciate how professional and dedicated Yaniv & his team conduct his business.

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