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Window Shutters

“Interior shutters, commonly referred to as plantation shutters are considered the “Gold Standard” of high-end window treatments, and for good reason. Interior window shutters add beauty, function and value to any décor offering a quality, sophistication, and versatility that is unmatched. Plantation shutters are a popular choice for more than just their looks. Interior shutters give you ultimate control of your privacy and lighting through your windows, can result in energy savings, are child and pet safe, and are easy to maintain and operate. Modern shutters even provide you with even more benefits as they are resistant to chipping, cracks, warps, are water proof, and fire proof, making them the most durable and long-lasting option available.”
Interior window shutters add beauty, function and value to any décor offering a quality, sophistication, and versatility that is unmatched.

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Plantation Shutters

These plantation-style shutters are as functional as they are beautiful. The innovative plantation compound makes them incredibly durable, including resistance warping, chipping, or cracking, even in hot, humid environments. Plantation shutters are also budget-friendly, allowing you to capture the same refined feel as traditional wood shutters, without paying the real wood price. They are also easy to clean, and are an excellent addition to any room in your home.

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Hybrid Shutters

Manufactured from high-quality materials, hybrid shutters offer an economical choice while still allowing you to achieve the stunning effect of plantation shutters. Because plantation shutters can be a significant investment, hybrid shutters help put this option into every design budget. Our design experts can help guide you through the variety of options, and explore how you can make the most of these classic finishes.

Hardwood Shutters

With their classic dovetail construction, hardwood plantation shutters remain an incredibly popular window treatment. Not only are they durable, these customizable shutters can truly blend into any décor. They come in a variety of paint and finish options, allowing them to coordinate with concepts from light and airy to dark and classical. These shutters are valued for their durability, as well as the value that they add to a home. Let out designers show you why these shutters offer an amazing blend both style and utility.

Window Shutters NYC

If you are looking for a window treatment solution for your New York City commercial or residential location that are long-lasting, durable, and offer many benefits, interior window shutters are the perfect solution. Our shutters can be combined with custom accents to accommodate complex or unusual window groupings.
We source shutters that are superior in both construction and reputation so that you have the very best selection for your project.
Browse our selection and discover the perfect shutters for every room in your home or commercial space.

*Our Showroom Location – 242 West 72nd Street New York

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