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Window Shades

“As both a privacy tool and a design element, the right shades complete a room and contribute to its functionality. Modern shades come in a variety of materials, including everything from elegant lightweight sheers to functional blackout shades, and certain models that can help with interior temperature control. Shades also are available in both automated and manually operated models, ensuring that you find window treatments that fit not only the size and type of window, but also with your lifestyle. We offer a wide variety of styles and models, ensuring that you find the perfect shades to enhance your space. Browse our selection of top-quality shades, and find more information about the features of each product.”

Roller Shades

Available in blackout, solar and translucent models, Roller shades are an economical and functional window treatment solution. They offer UV protection while still allowing you to control exactly how much light you want entering a room. Roller shades can be used as a stand-alone treatment, lending a sleek, modern look, or they can be combined with drapery or other treatments for infinite customization possibilities.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades offer ultimate privacy and are also the best option if complete light-blocking is a concern. Either alone, or paired with curtains to enhance your decor, blackout shades come in a variety of fabrics and can even be paired with motorized operation enhancements. Blackout Shades allow you to blend form and function, and can accommodate even the most challenging room design.

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Comprised of a pleated fabric with a cellular form that offer the combined benefits of sound insulation and energy efficiency. As with many of our shade solutions, Honeycomb shades are available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and textures so that you can create a completely customized window treatment that incorporates seamlessly into your room design.


Roman shades are an incredibly popular window treatment, and since they are infinitely customizable, they are one of the most versatile options. Whether they are used as a stand-alone shade, or they are combined with curtains, they allow you to create a solution that is as functional as it is stylish. Insulating backing, specialty trims, and automation can all be added. From elegant and romantic to stream-lines and contemporary, these shades accommodate any room design.


Woven shades are an instant way to bring an organic, earthy feel to any room design. They are not only functional for both privacy and light control, but they also provide a rich textural element that will enhance any space. Their unique construction makes them a very economical option, and they are especially popular for adding a textural layer to a room design.


Silhouette Shades offer the same light-filtering function as blinds, but adds the softness of fabric to a window design. Available in a variety of colors, sheer shades help you preserve your view, control light, and lend a degree of privacy to your space. Silhouette Shades texture also allows you to combine them with drapery or valances for even more customization.


Pleated shades offer an excellent way to inject color, pattern, or texture into a space. These dimensional pleated shades can be modern or elegant depending on your design preferences.


This unique option is comprised of soft fabric vanes that are attached to a sheer backing. With endless colors and patterns to choose from, this contemporary shade allows you to craft a window treatment that fits into any room design. Pirouette shades can also be outfitted with automated systems for one-touch controls and convenience.


Top down bottom up shades offer both privacy and light control. With the option to lower the shade from the top, raise it from the bottom, or both, you can design a truly custom window treatment. These are especially popular options for bedrooms and bathrooms, as they allow you to craft a perfect balance of light and privacy.


Skylight shades ensure that you to make the most of these architectural features. Our skylights shades allow you to control the amount of light entering your home, provide privacy when you need it, and offer increased energy efficiency through their insulating properties. Automated systems also give one-touch convenience, and our team can help you integrate these features into most existing home automation systems.


Solar shades offer a functional way to filter light without completely obstructing outside views. These shades are popular in commercial environments, especially for their heat-reflecting performance and durability. They can be paired with one-touch automation for convenience. While also used for residential applications, these shades are better suited for rooms in which privacy is not a key concern. Our design team can help match you with the materials and systems that best meet your goals and needs.

Window Shades NYC

A few adjustments in your home can transform it into a fabulous one. That’s where the shades for your windows come into play.
Installing shades in your windows would give you the opportunity to control the glare of sunlight. Many different types of shades are available for you to purchase and you need to pay attention towards the location of your window, your personal taste, and amount of light they let in and the views offered through them in order to make the right purchase.

If you are looking forward to create a well-lighted space inside your home, but don’t want to uncover the windows, you can think about purchasing sheer shades. They have the ability to deliver a minimal look along with a refreshed feel. On the other hand, people who prefer a completely dark space tend to spend their money on complete black out shades. In case if you are concerned about fading away of your furnishings, you can think about purchasing the solar shades.
No matter what type of a shade you are looking for, New York Window Fashion has got you covered. All our shades are made from the best quality materials by following the industry standards. As a result, you don’t need to keep any doubts in your mind when you are purchasing shades from us.

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