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Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Window Treatments

Like many items in your home, window treatments lose their appeal after a while.

Here are a few signs that it may be time for a window treatment upgrade:

Exposed Cords / Malfunctioning Cords

 Cords are a thing of the past. As of January 2019, the production of corded window treatments came to an end and manufacturers upgraded to cordless designs. This is perfect for child safety, pet safety, and easy accessibility. 

Frayed / Sun Bleached Fabric

 Window treatments can make or break your décor. If your window treatments look old, bleached, and lifeless, chances are, your interior decor may start to look drab and lifeless as well as a result. Bring your space back to life with fresh new custom draperies, shades, shutters or blinds.

Warped, Faded, and or discolored Slats

It is normal for hardwood and faux wood blinds to warp and fade over time due to heat and moisture. If you are experiencing this, it is time for an upgrade.

Wood Blinds warped

With wooden or faux wood blinds from New York Window Fashion, you can rest assured that your new blinds are made out of sturdy materials that resist warping and fading, which helps them maintain a new and fresh look for longer. 

They are not functional

Are your window treatments not serving their purpose anymore. Are they no longer good at limiting lighting and glare? Is your privacy compromised? Do they no longer insulate your windows? Then it’s time for an upgrade.

They are becoming difficult to operate

If you are struggling to raise and lower your shades manually, it may be time for a replacement. Upgrading to motorized window treatments provide you with easy operation, less wear and tear, and a longer life span.

Ready to enjoy a better view and liven up your décor with new window treatments? Contact New York Window Fashion today! We offer FREE in-home and showroom consultations.

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