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Get Your Windows Ready for Fall/Winter 2019 with these Window Treatment Ideas

Goodbye, Summer and hello, Fall! Now is a great time to invest in new window treatments for your home or office.

Did you know that up to 50% of interior energy is lost through windows? With new window treatments from New York Window Fashion, you can help prevent up to 98% of that energy loss, while also adding style and elegance to your space.

Here are a few window covering solutions that are great for insulating your home or office while also providing an aesthetic appeal along with lighting, privacy, and glare control.

Layer It Up

When the temperatures drop, it’s time to layer up, and that does stand true for clothing only. Layered window treatments have amazing benefits that goes way past their appeal. For example, a common layered solution such as screen/solar shades paired with blackout shades offer amazing energy efficient benefits.

With the Screen shades lowered, you receive the benefit of natural lighting entering the home, while still preventing some hot or cool air from entering in which in turn, keeps your interior temperature comfortable and consistent. When the blackout shades are lowered, you received the same benefits with additional insulation and an optimal room darkening experience.

Other popular solutions include shades or blinds paired with draperies, sheer draperies paired with blackout draperies, and more.

Thicker/Lined Drapery Fabrics

Lined draperies are a perfect solution for adding insulation around your windows. When closed, they help trap any incoming air between the fabric and the windows, leaving your interior temperature nice and comfortable. They also help prevent your cool air or heat from escaping.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are considered to be the most energy efficient window treatments by far. Due to their unique design and pockets that mimic honeycombs, they can help prevent up to 99% energy loss through your windows.

These amazing shades are fully customizable, they can be custom sized and shaped to any window, can be operated via various operating systems, and are available in a variety of fabrics and colors.

Automated Window Treatments

We understand you cannot be home 24/7 to keep track of your energy consumption, plus who wants to do that?

With automated/motorized window treatments, you can schedule your shades, blinds or drapery to adjust during specific times of the day to ensure your interior temperature remains consistent throughout. For example, you can schedule your window coverings to remain open during the sunniest parts of the day to help harvest some of the suns natural heat, and schedule them to lower in the evening once the temperatures have dropped.

You can even pair your window treatments with solar sensors, and let the sensors do all the work for you. No guessing required.

Contact New York Window Fashion today to learn more about our top energy efficient solutions, and to schedule your FREE consultation. (212) 362-6164.

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